Course Corrections Club

Each episode we share our practical guidance and tips to help you course correct towards building your business on your terms and now you can join our Course Correction Club! 

Like book club, but with a podcast topic, challenging questions, commitment to taking action, a community of entrepreneurs to support you to make small but brave changes…and optional wine/gin/peppermint tea to go with it. After each episode we’d like to invite up to 5 entrepreneurs to a zoom video call with us to discuss and debrief the topic and the course correction questions in a safe and supportive environment.

Then the scary bit – we’ll all commit to some actions and feedback to each other on the impact that it had.To find out more about taking part contact us here.


"I've identified I say yes too much to things that aren't necessarily useful... I think it comes from feeling as an entrepreneur that I shouldn't say no to anything... but in reality it means I'm not spending enough time focussing on things that will ultimately help to push the business forward..."


"I recognise that I've paid very little attention to the value I put on my time and my service... I've been more focussed on what it is I can do that I can get paid for..."