Developing as an Entrepreneurial Leader


Becoming an Entrepreneurial Leader

Episode Summary 

In this episode we explore how developing yourself as an entrepreneurial leader can help you to grow your business. 

Episode Notes

What does it mean to be an Entrepreneurial Leader? How does your role as the leader of the business change over time? What can you do to develop yourself amongst all of the seemingly endless work that is involved in running your business?! 

During this episode we explore: 

  • How to manage the variety of roles you need to adopt when you first start a business
  • How becoming a strong leader begins with mastering the fundamentals of your business
  • The importance of dedicating time to develop yourself as an entrepreneurial leader. 
  • Methods to develop both your technical and soft skills as an entrepreneurial leader

Meet Our Guests:

Scott Newby - Founder and Managing Director, NewbyCore Consulting.

Scott is a proven coach who delivers results, through inspiring and motivating others to be the best they can be, in work and in life. 

Gary Butterfield - Co-founder and Executive Director, Everyday Juice.

Gary spent a decade working within the health and fitness industry before co-founding Everyday Juice in partnership with the University of Sheffield. He works with organisations across a range of sectors including Higher Education, Further Education, NHS Trusts, Legal and Accountancy Firms, Public Sector organisations, and a selection of SMEs based around the UK.

Dan Moore - Co-Founder and Managing Director of Output and Found.

Dan has twenty years' experience running creative businesses spanning design, branding, digital and motion. He set up the agency Studio Output in 2002 with the simple intention of making ‘great work for interesting people’. 17 years in and we're going from strength to strength, helping brands as diverse as Auto Trader, BBC, Girl Effect, Mixcloud and Slimming World adapt and thrive in a connected world.

He also runs Found, a creative studio specialising in high-end film production and 3D motion design creating work for the likes of Ballantine's, Huawei, Nike and Viasat.

John Loveday - founder, Toppa App.

John has been an entrepreneur in the education sector for over 5 years and has won multiple awards in the process. Toppa is a learning app designed to connect ambitious business learners and employees with the knowledge and expertise of proven entrepreneurs from around the world.

Mandy Bailey - Founder and Managing Director of Plant ‘n’ Grow, an award winning urban garden gift company, and Ambassador for Women’s Enterprise Scotland.

Kerry Harrison - co-founder, Tiny Giant, an award-winning creative AI consultancy and marketing practice. Using AI and emerging tech, Tiny Giant specialise in augmenting the creative process and helping brands find new ways to tackle marketing problems. Since starting out in 2018, they have worked with the likes of Deloitte, St John Ambulance, Cheltenham Science Festival, Unilever and more. 

Matt Kandela - CEO, Dear Future, a design and innovation studio with offices in New York and New Zealand. Two years in, the business has created brands that have been featured in The New York Times, AdAge and Wallpaper magazine.

Course Corrections 

Each episode we share our practical guidance and tips to help you course correct towards building your business on your terms. This week we have a course correction question designed to help trigger you into formalising your own development as an entrepreneur: 

“When was the last time you diarised time to work on yourself as an entrepreneurial leader?”

Please share your responses on our Instagram channel here to have a chance to be featured on our next episode!

Join our Course Correction Club! 

Like book club, but with a podcast topic, challenging questions, commitment to taking action, a community of entrepreneurs to support you to make small but brave changes…and optional wine/gin/peppermint tea to go with it.

After each episode we’d like to invite up to 5 listeners to join video call with us to discuss and debrief the topic and the course correction in a safe and supportive environment. Then the scary bit - we’ll all commit to some actions and feedback to each other on the impact that it has had.

To find out more about taking part contact us here: http://misadventuresinentrepreneuring.com/course-corrections-club/

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