Episode 2 - A Cautionary Tale About Passion vs Profit


‘A cautionary tale about passion and building a profitable business’Episode Summary How can entrepreneurs get the right balance between following their passions and building a profitable business

Episode notes

Passion vs Profit…is your passion for your business standing in the way of you making a profit? Or have you reached the point where you’re making a profit but you’ve lost your passion?  

In this episode we hear from Emma Baylin, Founder & Director of Shared Harmonies CIC, who shares her own struggles with finding a balance between passion and profit and what she has done to readdress it. 

During this powerful episode we explore: 

  • Is passion helpful or a hindrance when growing a business?
  • What entrepreneurs need to consider in order to build a sustainable business
  • The importance of valuing your time and expertise as an entrepreneur 
  • How shifting your money mindset is an inside job

Meet Our Guests :

Emma Baylin - Founder & Director of Shared Harmonies CIC. Shared Harmonies bring people together to increase confidence, communication, mental and physical well-being through inspirational singing sessions. Emma is a highly skilled facilitator and trainer with over 25 years experience working with both corporations and community groups. 

Course Corrections 

Each episode we share our practical guidance and tips to help you course correct towards building your business on your terms. This week we have a powerful course correction question to help you find a greater balance between passion and profit in your business: 

“What do you need to change to make the spreadsheet add up as well as getting you springing out of bed in the morning?”

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