Episode 1 - Perception vs Reality


‘The perception vs the reality of being an entrepreneur’ 

Episode Summary 

Welcome to the first episode of ‘Misadventures in Entrepreneuring’ podcast - the podcast for entrepreneurs where we share refreshingly honest conversations around the realities of being an entrepreneur! 

Episode notes

The perception of being an entrepreneur is so different from the reality. What you think it will look and feel like when you start out is so markedly different from how it actually ends up being.  It’s easy to get lost trying to follow what everyone else says you should be doing rather than following your own path and creating your own roadmap.  In this episode we explore how you can define who you want to be as an entrepreneur and build your business on your terms, including: 

●     How your preconceptions of what it means to be an entrepreneur influences your actions

●     How external expectations can hold you back and limit your potential 

●     How to redefine what it means to be an entrepreneur so you can bring more of yourself to what you do 

Meet Our Guests :

Victoria Green 

Victoria is a multi award-winning entrepreneur and designer with a passion for creating life-enhancing products.  Throughout her entrepreneurial journey founding Victoria Green, Victoria has had her fair share of misadventures and says “everyone thinks they’re not doing it right and they should be doing this one amazing thing, but no one knows what it is...but I’ve realised that IT doesn’t exist, there is no roadmap!” 

Matt Kandela

Matt Kandela is Co-Founder and CEO of Dear Future, a design and innovation studio with offices in New York and New Zealand. Two years in, the business has created brands that have been featured in The New York Times, AdAge and Wallpaper magazine.  Our favourite line from Matt... “Depending on what hour of the day it is, starting the business was either the greatest or the stupidest thing I have ever done!” 

Mandy Bailey 

Founder and Managing Director of Plant ‘n’ Grow, an award winning urban garden gift company, and Ambassador for Women’s Enterprise Scotland. With no experience in retail Mandy was happy to say she was “winging it” from the start and talks to us about the concept of “you don’t know what you don’t know.''

Course Corrections 

Each episode we will be sharing practical guidance and tips to help you course correct towards building your business on your terms.  

This week we have two coaching questions for you: 

 1)    What are you doing right now because you feel you should? 

2)    What can you do to ensure you are showing up as your true entrepreneurial self? 

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