Embracing Uncertainty - in the chaos of crisis

Episode Summary 

During this episode we discuss how to embrace uncertainty and deal with the chaos that can be part of the territory as an entrepreneur!

Episode Notes

The last episode ended with Lucy-Rose and Gayle flying off in different directions on their own unique adventures around the world, at the time it was unknown whether their journey would continue in separate directions or lead back to where it all began with Misadventures in Entrepreneuring. 

What they could not have anticipated is returning home from their adventures to the beginnings of a global pandemic and what would become a full lockdown. Nonetheless what this has shown is that business will always provide misadventures and the past few months have truly revealed that there really is no roadmap and that uncertainty is part of the territory for an entrepreneur!

During this episode Lucy-Rose and Gayle share their own misadventures in embracing the unknown, from being uncertain about what would come next for Misadventures in Entrepreneuring to the lessons learned from instinctively rolling up their sleeves and doing what they do best by diving in at the deep end to support entrepreneurs in crisis. 

Meet Our Guests

Graham Longly - Founder of Aspire Consultancy - an independent company that provides advice, assessment and training on all aspects of assistive technology for visually impaired people. 

Ruby Sweeney - Founder & Director of The Events Hub - providing Virtual, Hybrid & Face-to-Face Event Management services across Scotland & England

Course Corrections 

This weeks course correction questions are designed to help you embrace and navigate the inevitable uncertainly that you will experience as an entrepreneur. Not just in this crisis but in any moments of uncertainly and change over the course of running your business.

Your three course correction questions this week are:

  • What have you learned about yourself during your most recent period of uncertainty? 
  • What changes could you make to enable you to do more of the things that you enjoy?
  • How can you prevent yourself from slipping back into habits and activities that you don’t enjoy?

Please share your responses on our Instagram channel here to have a chance to be featured on our next episode!

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