Are you in search of a podcast about entrepreneuring that’s a bit more relatable than your usual stuff? Something that sounds more like your experience than someone in Silicon Valley? Then look no further! Misadventures in Entepreneuring is the podcast that brings you refreshingly honest conversations about the realities of being an entrepreneur today.

In a series of frank, honest, warm and funny conversations with relatable role models, hosts Gayle Mann and Lucy-Rose Walker discuss all aspects of the psychology of being an entrepreneur - the good, the bad and the ugly. Each episode will bring fresh stories of misadventure as well as coping mechanisms for when you think it’s all gone to pot. No topic is out of bounds and is essential listening for any entrepreneur looking for a bit of reassurance that they’re not doing it wrong. 

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Episode 8 - Knowing Your Values

How to make sure that the beliefs, philosophies, and principles that drive your business and help guide your decisions dont get overlooked in the frenzy of starting and building a business.

Episode 7 - Embracing Uncertainty

How to embrace the inevitable uncertainty and deal with the chaos and change that can be part of the territory of life as an entrepreneur!

Episode 6 - Friends & Family Survival Guide

How do you navigate your relationships with friends and family as you and your business evolve? For relationships to survive the world of entrepreneuring, they will often require work to help your friends and family understand how your life has changed as an entrepreneur.

Episode 5 - Sacrifice & Guilt

Many people start a business with the intention of being able to live life on their own terms and to experience greater freedom. However, as you will find out in this episode, often the practical realities of doing so mean this is rarely the case. 

Episode 4 - Developing as an Entrepreneurial Leader

What does it mean to be an Entrepreneurial Leader? How does your role as the leader of the business change over time? What can you do to develop yourself amongst all of the seemingly endless work that is involved in running your business?!

Episode 1 - Perception vs Reality

Welcome to the first episode of ‘Misadventures in Entrepreneuring’ podcast - the podcast for entrepreneurs where we share refreshingly honest conversations around the realities of being an entrepreneur! 

Episode 2 - Passion vs Profit

How can you get the right balance between following their passions and building a profitable business? is your passion for your business standing in the way of you making a profit? Or have you reached the point where you’re making a profit but you’ve lost your passion?

Episode 3 - Co-founder Relationships

Thinking about a co-founder? Or already in a co-founder relationship already? In this episode we talk choosing a co-founder, navigating ups & down & taking care of your co-co-founder relationship.

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"Depending on the hour of the day, starting my own business was either the greatest or the stupidest thing I've ever done..!"

Matt Kandela - Dear Future